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Have sầu you get Windows activation errors when you make some upgrades to your computer or make a few modifications in order to lớn enhance the usability of your computer? It is common lớn encounter activation errors on newly installed Windows. Now this articles will help you to trouble shoot top 5 most comtháng activation errors on Windows 10.

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Solutions for Can"t Activate Windows 10 Due to lớn Hardware Changed

Solutions for Can"t Activate Windows 10 Since the Product Key Being Blocked

Solutions for Unable khổng lồ Activate Windows 10 Due lớn A security error occurred

Solutions for Can"t Activate Windows 10 Due to the Product Key Used on Another Device

Solutions for Failed lớn Windows 10 Due lớn a Networking Problem

Issue 1: Can"t Activate Windows 10 Due to Hardware Changed

One of the most comtháng error people receive regarding Windows 10 activation is that Windows can"t activate because of a hardware change. This is usually because the Windows 10 license is associated with a computer"s hardware. This means that making a significant hardware change on the computer such as changing the motherboard, distorts the computer & the preinstalled Windows 10 won"t be able to recognize the computer when you try to start it. If you have encountered this issue, just follow the solutions below khổng lồ get the issue fixed.

1. Buy a New Windows License

To resolve this error, the easiest solution is to lớn buy a new Windows license. To vì chưng this :

Press Windows key + I on keyboard simultaneously khổng lồ open Settings app

Then click "Update & Security" & finally hit Activation.

Here select "Go to Store". Now follow the instruction lớn purchase a new Windows 10 license for your computer.

Alternatively, if you still have sầu the product key that was used on your computer before the changes were made then enter it by clicking on the "Start" button of your computer,

Go to lớn Settings >> Update& Security" and finally Activation.

Here select "Change sản phẩm key".


This can help resolve your error.

2. Link Your Microsoft Account with the Digital License

The most effective sầu method of resolving this error is lớn prepare for it before you make the hardware changes to your computer.

First, you need to sign in your Microsoft trương mục before making any hardware change to lớn your computer.

After the hardware change access the same tài khoản by clicking on the "Start" button of your computer, select "Settings" from the danh sách, and then clichồng on "Update và Security" & finally hit Activation.


Here select "Troubleshoot". You should be able to see a liên kết lớn reactive your Windows 10 after the hardware change. Follow the liên kết and the error will be resolved.


Issue 2: The Product Key Being Blocked(Error Code: 0xC004C003)

When you nâng cấp khổng lồ Windows 10 from earlier versions or try khổng lồ clean install Windows 10 on your computer chances are you will receive sầu an error message that "can"t activate Windows 10 because the product key is Block".The sản phẩm key gets blocked because Windows 10 are designed to be installed without a product key when upgrading from a previous version. However, sometimes the saver may be down prompting an error message that the hàng hóa key has been blocked. But, in most cases trying to lớn clean install Windows 10 instead of upgrading from a previous version will produce the same error message.


Resolving the Windows 10, product key blocked error is not a very difficult task. To vị this, here are a few suggestions:

1. Uninstall the Product Key:

To get started first uninstall the sản phẩm key by opening an elevated command prompt Windows and then typing in "slmgr /ukungfu " before pressing enter.

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You can then reinstall the product key and try and see if the error is resolved.

Alternatively, you should try installing a new hàng hóa key & this should resolve sầu the error.

2. Rebuild the Tokens.dat File:

The Tokens.dat tệp tin stores most of the activation files for Windows. When the tệp tin gets corrupted then this can cause the sản phẩm key to be blocked. For this reason, it is always helpful khổng lồ try và rebuild the tệp tin. To bởi vì this, follow these directions:

Starting from Win Menu, open an elevated comm& prompt window and type in these commands, then clichồng Enter

net stop sppsvc

cd %windir%ServiceProfilesLocalServiceAppDataLocalMicrosoftWSLicense

ren tokens.dat

net start sppsvc

cscript.exe pháo %windir%system32slmgr.vbs /rilc

After that, restart your computer và then re-enter your Product key. This should clear the error and allow you lớn upgrade lớn Windows 10 without any problem.

3. Activate using CMD

Here you are required to run the Dism và repair the system image in order to activate the Windows. When the Windows system image becomes corrupted it can cause many system failures including a product key blocked message.

Issue 3: Unable to lớn Activate Windows 10 Due lớn A Security Error Occurred

For most Windows users, Windows 10 is available for miễn phí nâng cấp from previous versions. This means that you don"t need a sản phẩm key lớn activate the Windows 10 as it takes all these from the previous versions you are upgrading from. However, these can also be a source of many problems. One such problem is the failure lớn activate Windows 10 due khổng lồ a security error. This may be due to lớn a number of problems ranging from settings on your computer to lớn mạng internet connectivity.

Solutions for Unable to Can"t Activate Windows 10 Due to A Security Error Occurred

Usually Windows 10 can’t activate due to a security error occurs when the time and date on your computer are incorrect or if you have problem with mạng internet connectivity lớn allow Windows to verify the product key of your computer. To solve this you have to lớn perform two tasks:

Cheông xã và ensure that the time và date on your computer are phối correctly. You can do this by clicking ‘Start", then selecting Settings > Time & language > Date và time.


Next, make sure your mạng internet connection is working & at the right speeds. Slow mạng internet can affect the process.

Issue 4: Can"t Activate Windows 10 Due khổng lồ the Product Key Used on Another Device

This activation error occurs when a Volume License (a license which is bought from Microsoft by a business to lớn install Windows on multiple PCs) has been used on more PCs than specified in Microsoft Software License Terms. To fix this problem, you might want khổng lồ use a different sản phẩm key khổng lồ activate Windows on your PC. Your organization"s tư vấn person could help.


Solutions khổng lồ Fix Can"t Activate Windows 10 Due khổng lồ the Product Key Used on Another Device

If you receive an error that Can"t Activate Windows 10 Due to the Product Key Used on Another Device or Activation Key has exceeded its limit, then the most logical thing khổng lồ bởi is buy another sản phẩm key for your computer. To buy a sản phẩm key from the Windows store follow these steps:

Cliông xã on the "start" button followed by selecting "Settings > Update và security > Activation"

Select "Go khổng lồ Store" và then follow the provided directions lớn buy Windows.

Issue 5: Failed khổng lồ Activate Windows 10 Due khổng lồ a Networking Problem

In order khổng lồ update, activate or nâng cấp windows 10 you need to lớn have sầu a secure và fast mạng internet connection. Without fast internet connection, then the process will abort and you will receive an error notification.

Solution lớn Can"t Activate Windows 10 Due khổng lồ a Networking Problem

To resolve sầu the Can"t Activate Windows 10 Due lớn a networking problem while activating your copy of Windows you need lớn start by checking your internet connectivity. This is lớn ensure that you have a fast internet connection lớn your computer. If this is not the problem, then kiểm tra the firewall settings on your computer if they are blocking anything. If this is the case then change the settings or remove the firewall if possible.


This article has explained five common Windows 10 activation errors we hope this information is of help lớn you, if you have any other issues, like"> forgot Windows login password, just feel miễn phí to lớn let us know by leave sầu bình luận below.