Plug-in Basic Description:

Vertex Tools is also called "vertex editing", as the name implies can adjust the Mã Sản Phẩm of the Mã Sản Phẩm by editing the model, specifically scales, rotates, moves, moves, và moves the line relationship associated with the point in operation. More nature, you can also phối soft selection of the selection range and the auxiliary point.

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There is fewer editing tools in Sketchup, which is more comtháng, especially the shaped modeling, is a must-have sầu insert when designer modeling.


Video demo

Thomthom - SU plugin vertex editing introduction



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Vertex Shader

First, the introduction of Vertex Shader The Vertex Shader has always appeared in the front, but the Vertex S...


G2O: Vertex

Where does the vertex of g2o come from? The first class related to vertex:HyperGraph::Vertex, it"s in this path g2o/core/hyper_graph.h This HyperGraph::Vertex is an abstract vertex và must be used by...


Vertex normal

Original address: I thought that the 3d max export plugin I wrote a while ago has no big problem, but there is no problem, the impr...

Vertex Cover

frog has a graph with n vertices v(1),v(2),…,v(n) and m edges (v(a1),v(b1)),(v(a2),v(b2)),…,(v(am),v(bm)) . She would like to color some vertices so that each edge has at least one color...

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Vertex a blog

You can find more information about theLaTeX Mathematical expressionhere. The new Gantt chart features enrich your article Mon 06 Mon 13 Mon 20 completed processing A plan Plan II Existing tasks Addin...

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Vertex count

Problem Description givennInteger represents a continuous StoresnSales days. If the day before the increase in sales volume, sales volume decrease & then one day, this day is called discount points,...


Vertex plan

Apex Plan I-Research on the relationship between doctors & patients Research nội dung Retìm kiếm methods Analysis of survey results possible reason Doctor"s point of view What can we do About some thin...


vertex animation

The effect chart is as follows: realized a simple floating up and down, which can simulate a simple water surface effect. The code is as follows:...

Vertex animation

Make objects move sầu This is the most basic element in the game to move sầu objects. Here we use the vertex shader in the shader khổng lồ let us control the object to move it. We moved the uv before (uv animation)...

Vertex processing


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