Download tekla structures 2016 sp4 x64 full crack Structures Learning Edition is now available for không tính phí tải về. There are many new features available in the new release but most importantly modeling is easier. Learn about the new features below.

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Easier modeling, easier learning

It’s not just about the cool contemporary look. The new user interface makes modeling easier và faster. For example, why not start by choosing a mã sản phẩm from the các mục of your recent models, và continue with creating your own custom tab. The default Mã Sản Phẩm colors are both pleasant & logical. Your Model stands out from the calm background so you can easily spot what you need, while the icons are modern & recognizable.

Two things have remained essentially the same, just improved: Keyboard shortcuts và comm& names.


Great information management, great collaboration

For construction, information about what has been done và who did it is critical. Using reference information from the other project parties is now smoother and more reliable: users can now see what changes others have sầu made to that IFC Mã Sản Phẩm they received. Reference handling & collaboration are easier, prsự kiện kiến thiết và detailing errors. And Model Sharing has now more sophisticated change management.




Better drawings, faster và easier production product development has kept the wishes of customers in mind when working on drawing production. Creating và editing drawings is now easier, more flexible and reliable. 2D library is a collection of ready-made 2 chiều details such as bolts where you can just piông chồng details instead of drawing these. Importing, saving and reusing your specific 2 chiều details saves even more time, and you can update details & notes across all project drawings.




As students you have access to lớn the complete configuration of Structures 2016 Learning Edition for free.

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More New Features

Learn more about how Structures năm 2016 enhances workflows for Cast-in-place Contractors, Structural Engineers, Precast Concractors, and Structural Steel Fabricators.

Cast-In-Place Contractors


The new Structures 2016 makes utilizing models easy for concrete contractors.

Better pours và ease of use with improved Pour modeling and managementQuichồng, easy access lớn model information with the powerful OrganizerAccurate quantities with improved tools such as the new Surface ObjectInclude the ground và roads lớn your mã sản phẩm by importing LandXML filesProducing drawings is now easier và faster, và the unique has been improved

Watch the webinar to learn more about how Concrete Contractors benefit with Structures 2016

Structural Engineers

* Structures 2016 offers a lot for engineering offices working in AEC or industrial workflows, regardless the chosen level of LOD.

Create high quality structural engineering drawings faster with the improved toolsSmoother collaboration: Improved workflow with plant thiết kế và architectural solutionsUtilize the information efficiently with the improved OrganizerBIM floor level system matches the other project parties’ solutions

Watch the webinar to learn more about how Structural Engineers benefit with Structures 2016

Precast Contractors

* Structures 2016 brings new tools & valuable improvements for precast fabrication.

Model walls efficiently with the new Wall layout & associated tools Automate repetitive sầu modeling tasks with Detailing manager, save sầu time & prevent errorsEnjoy better reinforcement annotations in drawingsUtilize mã sản phẩm information more efficiently with Organizer

Watch the webinar khổng lồ learn more about how Precast Fabricators benefit with Structures 2016

Structural Steel Fabricators


Take advantage of your mã sản phẩm information and achieve better productivity.

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Utilize Model information with Organizer and enjoy faster response times. The new Organizer supports your processes better. You can now snap more easily & accurately than before. Increase productivity with information flow from Mã Sản Phẩm to lớn fabrication with CNC enhancements. The cleaner welding visualization makes it easy to lớn present & communicate welds.

Watch the webinar to lớn learn more about how Structural Steel Fabricators benefit with Structures 2016

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