Sql prompt: write, format, analyze and refactor sql effortlessly in ssms and visual studio

Squốc lộ Prompt Free Download (Installation và Activation of Squốc lộ Custom Plugin: New Edition)

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SQL Prompt download address:https://www.51baidu.com.cn/Home/Detail/2516

Squốc lộ Prompt This Squốc lộ prompt plugin is undoubtedly very easy lớn use. Currently, this plugin is installed on my machine. The smart prompt function greatly improves my Squốc lộ efficiency and reduces the SQL error rate, but during the installation process. I have encountered some problems, which caused me to lớn spkết thúc a lot of time khổng lồ install this plugin. The problem that my computer prompts is roughly translated, that is, there is no permission lớn write to the C disk file, only the administrator permission is required for the folder. can.

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For details, please refer to lớn win7 for administrator privileges.

installation steps:

Registration opportunity to report poison, please cthảm bại the anti-virut software before installation!

Squốc lộ Prompt download address:https://www.51baidu.com.cn/Home/Detail/2516 After downloading the attachment, unzip it và open SQLPrompt_7.2.0.241.exe cộ and follow the prompts lớn complete the installation. **Disconnected after the installation is complete! **mở cửa the database, you will see SQL Prompt in the menu bar. Cliông xã lớn open Help->Enter Serial Number... as shown below:

Open the registration machine SQL.Prompt.Keygen.exe to copy the text inside the red box, paste it into lớn the Server Number, và then cliông xã Activate, as shown below:


This time will report a warning, because there is no networking, don"t worry, we clichồng Activate Manually, as shown below:


This interface will appear at this time. We will copy the text in the red box và paste it inlớn the place indicated by the arrow of the registration machine. Note: Ctrl+V can be directly applied when pasting.

Then, copy the text in the red box of the registration machine và paste it into 2 places in Squốc lộ Prompt. Click Finish khổng lồ complete the crack, as shown below:


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