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Developer: CroteamRelease date: 2005Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: ShooterVersion: 2.070 Tablet: Present (MEX / SKIDROW) Type: RePachồng by R.G. Mechanics

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Serious Sam 2 is a first-person shooter đoạn phim game released for Microsoft Windows & Xbox and the sequel khổng lồ the 2002 video clip game Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. It was developed by Croteam và was released on 11 October 2005. The game was initially published by 2K Games, a Take-Two Interactive subsidiary. The game was later made available on Steam on 31 January 2012. While the game was originally released only for Microsoft Windows và Xbox, an unofficial Linux version of the game was created và is being handled by Linux Installers for Linux Gamers.

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In the single-player campaign, the player assumes the role of anh hùng Sam "Serious" Stone in his adventures against the forces of the extraterrestrial overlord, "Mental", who seeks to lớn destroy humanity. Taking place after the events of Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Sam travels through various worlds collecting parts of a medallion in an effort khổng lồ defeat Mental. He is guided by the Sirian Great Council & receives sporadic aid from the natives of the worlds he visits. The multiplayer mode includes online co-op & deathmatch, the latter having been introduced in a patch. A 4.5/5.0 was awarded to lớn Serious Sam by Computer Gaming World, though overall the game received moderate praise from the truyền thông, earning an average of 75% on GameRankings.

Croteam simultaneously developed Serious Engine 2, the successor to their previous game engine, Serious Engine, for use in the game, and the engine is capable of many features of other advanced game engines of the time including high dynamic range rendering and light bloom. The engine supports integration with both Xfire và GameSpy Arcade for multiplayer match finding. Serious Sam 2 is the only game so far to lớn use the proprietary engine, though the Serious Engine 2 is available for licensing.


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Serious Sam 2"s gameplay consists almost entirely of the player attempting to defeat dozens of enemies at a time, & thus is relatively simple. The game"s story establishes the reasons and methods for how the player travels from chapter khổng lồ chapter. This is a significant change from the previous games in the series in which the story existed merely to lớn transport the player from place to place in order to kill as many enemies as possible in the process, with the plot consisting merely of messages that the player could disregard without consequence. Serious Sam 2 features the story more prominently, but still maintains the focus on killing as many enemies as possible. The story is developed through the use of cut scenes, which are interspersed throughout the game, especially at the beginning và kết thúc of each Planet.

The player begins with a certain number of lives that represent the number of times the player is allowed khổng lồ thua thảm all of his health (and then re-spawn immediately from the player"s last saved checkpoint). More complicated gameplay mechanics that are often found in other games (such as jumping puzzles) are rare, và when encountered they are fairly simple, usually requiring the player khổng lồ locate keys/objects in order lớn unloông chồng doors or advance lớn the next màn chơi. Player-controlled vehicles (such as hover bikes and saucers) were introduced khổng lồ the series in Serious Sam 2. Vehicles feature turrets such as rocket launchers, machine guns, & laser turrets.

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The simplistic gameplay of Serious Sam 2 is similar khổng lồ that of previous games in the series, but Serious Sam 2"s lives system is a radical departure from the original games in the series (which would allow you khổng lồ resume from checkpoints or saved games an infinite number of times). Although Serious Sam for Xbox was the first game in the series to lớn feature a "lives system", Serious Sam 2 was the first PC game in the series to lớn implement this system.

Blood và gore effects have been improved relative sầu to the previous games, & all enemies other than bosses can be gibbed. Living foes can disintegrate into blood & bloody bits, undead entities, excluding Kleer Skeletons, can be reduced khổng lồ decaying bits and pus, while magical creatures" destruction is marked with sparkle effects và purple gases. Power-ups are scattered throughout the game và can be obtained by destroying certain objects. The player is able lớn pichồng up certain objects và manipulate them in a manner similar khổng lồ the effects of the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2, though without the necessity of an external device.

While the game features various enemies seen in first person shooters, such as soldiers with chainguns, blasters & rocket launchers, there are also many other oddball enemies, like witches, clockwork toy rhinos, zombie stockbrokers with shotguns and suicidal exploding clowns. Different chapters feature native sầu "chapter specific" enemies; for example the Kleer World features Flying Kleers và the Oriental setting of Chi Fang features Martial Arts Zombies. The players will also meet non-player characters (NPCs) throughout the game. There are five different groups of NPCs in the game: The Sirians, the Simbas, Zixies, Chi Che, and Elvians, each native khổng lồ their respective sầu planet. The different groups of NPCs help the player throughout the different settings of the game, with each group of NPC corresponding lớn a different setting in the game.


A prominent feature in the previous Serious Sam games was cooperative gameplay, in which multiple players could play the single-player chiến dịch together. Serious Sam 2 focused on this game mode even more than its predecessors, as it was the only multiplayer mode lớn be included when the game was released, although deathmatch was later added in a patch. The PC version allows up to sixteen people to lớn play together, while the Xbox version allows four players, either via Xbox systemlink or Xbox Live. Unlike the previous games, Serious Sam 2 does not tư vấn split-screen gameplay on the PC nor the Xbox.

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Weapons in Serious Sam 2 were largely remodeled versions of the weapons found in the previous games in the Serious Sam series. Most of the weapons from the previous games returned, such as the rocket launcher, grenade launcher, 12-gauge double-barrel sawed-off shotgun and a sniper rifle. The minigun, a staple of the series, also makes a return, & is a weapon of particular significance as it was featured prominently on the cover of the box for many of the previous Serious Sam games. The Serious Bomb also made a return, maintaining its status as the most powerful weapon in the game by being able khổng lồ eliminate every enemy on the screen. The Serious Bomb is described as a "miniature big bang" and as "Instant Death With a Smile," and the player is only able to lớn carry a maximum of three due lớn their kích thước. Protecting the player from the immense power of the Serious Bomb is a "Life-Preserving-Quantum-Field(TM)."

Serious Sam 2 introduced new weapons lớn the series, including "Clawdovic Cacadoos Vulgaris," (the name is pronounced in Croatian as Klodovik, which is a reference khổng lồ a parrot Klodovik in the comic series Alan Ford ) a parrot clutching a bomb in its talons that can fly to lớn an enemy to eliminate it, & throwable hvà grenades. In addition lớn dual revolvers, the game also includes an additional sidearm of a brand-new thiết kế. The "Hydro-Plasmatic Handgun" can fire small units of energy at a "decent rate of fire," and it can also be fired in a mode that allows the projectile lớn direct itself towards an enemy. Also introduced lớn the game are twin automatic Uzis replacing the tommygun from the earlier games of the series.

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