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We are in a world where there is constant development in every technological feat that we can come across. There are tons of loads of things that we need to lớn make sure of before we proceed with the transfer of data over a period of time & this means that within a short period of time, you will be able to lớn adapt lớn the lachạy thử trends of the industry.

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We all know how important presentations play in our life especially when you speak about office presentations. There are a lot of factors that we need to lớn rope in to make sure that the công nghệ that we use is put khổng lồ the right amount of usage.

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010

There are a lot of interesting aspects that we can see in the PowerPoint & out of all that the most defining feature is that the .pptx format is one format that is recognized worldwide, no matter which part of the globe that you travel to lớn, your presentation is going lớn be as effective sầu as it was when created. There are a lot of other features that make Microsoft PowerPoint a much favorable one. Some of the drastic features include;

Features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Creating & editing videos is something new

There are a lot of instances where you need lớn depkết thúc upon a video clip in a presentation khổng lồ make your point more clear and genuine & this means that there are a lot of different ways in which you can actually present a đoạn phim. Now the new version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is that there is an in-built đoạn Clip editor that will make a definite advantage in developing effective sầu videos. This Movavi video clip editor that is available within the software will help you in converting the raw video inkhổng lồ an edited output that will suit your needs.

Transition effects have got a new look

Let’s be honest here, when we are looking ahead with the creation of a presentation, we all know that the addition of a transition goes a long way in determining it from a simple khổng lồ an amazing presentation. This also means that we are in a position to make sure that there are a lot of aspects to which makes the best out of a presentation. There are a lot of things that one needs to lớn understand before he/she develops a peak interest in your presentation. The new inclusion of the transitions in the new data will make sure that the presentation clearly speaks khổng lồ what you need to deliver.

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Cropping & snipping is a new one

In the previous versions of PowerPoint, it was not possible for one lớn ensure that there is a lot more khổng lồ playing with images in the new version. There are a lot of things that bring the best out of all your presentations & this also includes perfectly managed images. There are a lot of third buổi tiệc ngọt applications that will help you in bringing out well-cropped images and Microsoft decided to take it a step further with the inclusion of the crop feature within the presentation. This means that with the feature you can edit the images on the presentation field without relying upon a third tiệc ngọt application.

Take screenshots & put them in your presentation

We all know that we are placed in a very intuitive sầu space where ideas can strike anytime. This means that with the inclusion of the screenshot feature you can take the snap & insert it inlớn your presentation without any hesitation. This is a very important feature for many as well all know how important it is to know for the fact that there are a lot of different methodologies that we need lớn implement khổng lồ make sure we bring the best out of our technologies

Download Microsoft Powerpoint 2010

System requirements of Microsoft Powerpoint 2010

There are no big system requirements that you need to lớn have as this is an inclusive sầu package of the Microsoft Office pachồng. There are a lot of stand-alone features that the PowerPoint software has that you need to make sure to make the best out of your software.

Operating system: Windows 7 và aboveRAM requirement: 1 GBHDD Space: 1 GBPlugin tư vấn and a normal graphic card khổng lồ tư vấn animations.

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Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Free Download

This is very sophisticated software and this means that there are a lot of definite opportunities that you can use lớn make the best of your system.You can tải về the installer tệp tin of the PowerPoint from the link below.

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