Netsupport School Professional 11

The latest update khổng lồ NetSupport School’s Student Chrome Extension provides new features và enhancements khổng lồ further support schools in monitoring & managing students’ Chromebooks – plus, deliver instruction with ease!

Enhanced Thumbnail View: Teachers (using Windows) can view all activity on the students’ devices within the thumbnail view – not just the activity taking place in the open browser window.

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Student View: In addition to lớn viewing student activity via the thumbnail view, teachers can now open a separate view session to discreetly monitor the student’s screen and take a closer look at activity – perfect for ensuring students are on task with their learning activities. (Windows only).

To view all the features available for Chrome, please cliông chồng here.

Version 14 - OUT NOW!

Student Feedbaông xã mode


Resetting system passwordsOne of the most common issues for IT technicians is students forgetting their passwords. Now, teachers can take on the role of resetting network passwords via their task bar, allowing the students quicker access to lớn their devices & ensuring that lesson disruption is kept to lớn a minimum.

New PowerShell featureA PowerShell window can now be launched from the console to lớn quickly và easily exedễ thương PowerShell commands at a selected Windows Client.

New deployment enhancementsNetSupport School Deploy now offers a more intuitive sầu interface for locating and deploying to lớn machines and allows you to quickly locate machines local khổng lồ the Tutor.

Improved performanceTeachers can maximise lesson time even further with enhanced file transfer & distribution speeds.

Webcam disableWebcams on classroom devices can now be disabled, which not only helps tư vấn a school’s eSafety policy but also helps lớn maintain students’ focus during lessons.

Refreshed UIWith a refreshed User Interface, it’s now easier than ever to identify & navigate to features.

New connection methodsWith added tư vấn for NetSupport School’s User & connectivity options, Chrome Tutors can now quickly connect to lớn the required Student devices by logged-on username/gmail. This additional support means schools have sầu more flexibility when setting up & connecting to lớn classrooms, helping to lớn maximise lesson time.

Enhanced Internet MeteringThe newly added ‘Details View’ provides the teacher with an instant overview of current internet activity across the classroom, displaying the active URL for each connected Student device.

Improved performanceThe improved Thumbnail Zoom performance now allows teachers to lớn zoom in faster to lớn see what students are doing, helping lớn ensure they remain on task.

With added tư vấn for connections from a NetSupport School Tutor** using ‘PC Mode’, this enables the teacher lớn quickly connect lớn a fixed danh sách of Student devices by machine name (irrespective sầu of who the logged-on student is), helping to lớn maximise lesson time and making it ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for environments where the devices remain in the same classroom.

** NetSupport School Windows Tutor application required. ‘PC Mode’ connections from a NetSupport School Chrome Tutor coming soon.

To tải về this lakiểm tra NetSupport School Chrome Student extension, simply visit the Google Chrome Web store.To tải về this lathử nghiệm NetSupport School Tutor for Chrome ứng dụng update, simply visit the Google Chrome Web store.

Version 12 of NetSupport School sees the introduction of an entirely new, native Tutor App for Windows 10. The App is designed khổng lồ leverage the benefits of sản phẩm điện thoại teaching on Windows 10 touch-enabled devices and introduces a fresh user-optimised interface.

New & enhanced features v1.8.1000

Support for Microsoft Surface Dial – display a radial thực đơn of NetSupport School features for quichồng và easy execution of common tasks.Import/export approved và restricted trang web lists.Specify a custom destination folder when transferring documents & resources to Student machines.

Features within the Teacher App include:

‘Class Mode’ connectivity option offers direct integration with Microsoft School Data Sync, enabling teachers to instantly access their online SIS (Student Information Systems) classrooms and student accounts at the start of a NetSupport-managed lesson.Extended platsize support for students using Chrome OS and Apple Mac systems.Device Control – Prsự kiện data being copied lớn or from USB storage và CDR/DVD devices, plus Mute/Unmute Sound at student machines.Power nguồn Management – nguồn on or off, log in/log out or reboot classroom computers.Virtual Whiteboard supported by a wealth of drawing tools for improved collaboration within the classroom.Print option added in Student Registration feature.Application Control – Newly added options to lớn Minimise or Cthua open applications.Student Help Requests are now colour-coded to lớn highlight priority: Work Complete, Need Help or Urgent Help required.New option to toggle on or off the NetSupport School Student toolbar.Present lesson objectives & expected outcomes.Gather a student attendance register.Monitor student help requests.Lock or blank students screens khổng lồ gain attention.Monitor student screen thumbnails.View individual students.Chat và skết thúc messages lớn the class.Monitor và restrict mạng internet use.Monitor và control application use (desktop & store).Launch applications và websites on student screens.Conduct quick end-of-lesson surveys.Measure progress – including peer & individual assessment, scores & more.Transfer documents & resources khổng lồ all or selected students.

To further leverage cđại bại integration with Windows 10, teachers can remotely launch Office 365 apps (amongst others) with direct integration with OneDrive sầu. Teachers can also add key lesson resources và information from the Student Journal to a Onechú ý Class Notebook, if desired.

To assess student progress và understanding, NetSupport School’s unique Question & Answer module (Q&A) is provided, allowing for a variety of questioning styles và tools – verbal và basketball; random; first to answer; team-based student selection; peer assessment & gameshow-style. A quiông xã survey tool is also included to tư vấn an end-of-lesson plenary.

Classroom resources and content can be distributed to all students seamlessly with the inbuilt File Transfer mode.

The new native sầu NetSupport Tutor App is provided as a complementary component to lớn the traditional NetSupport School desktop application & is available for download from the Windows Store. The NetSupport School Student software also features a number of low-màn chơi enhancements lớn ensure full compatibility with Windows 10, tư vấn for the lathử nghiệm browser công nghệ and improvements for use by students on touch-enabled devices.

For installation on a teacher’s Android tablet (v4.0.3 & above), the NetSupport School Tutor for Android extends the product’s capabilities inlớn dedicated tablet-based classrooms, giving the teacher the power khổng lồ connect khổng lồ each student device và enabling real-time interaction and support.

Note: The student tablet must be running the NetSupport School Student app – also available to lớn download from the store.

Key features when connecting lớn student devices:

Thumbnail View: Thumbnails of each student device allow the teacher khổng lồ monitor classroom activity in a single view.* For more detailed monitoring, the teacher can discreetly view the screen of any selected student.Real-time student assessment: The Question và Answer (Q&A) mode enables the teacher khổng lồ conduct both individual student và peer assessment. Deliver questions verbally lớn the class, then select students to answer. Select Students either randomly (pot luck), first to lớn answer, or in teams. tỷ lệ thoát questions to lớn multiple students, ask the class lớn peer assess a selected response and keep individual & team scores.Class Surveys: Teachers can conduct on-the-fly surveys lớn gauge student knowledge and understanding. Students are able lớn respond in real-time to lớn the survey questions posed và the teacher can then show results khổng lồ the whole class, enabling students lớn receive sầu instant feedbachồng on their progress.Student Register: The teacher can request standard and/or custom information from each student at the start of each class and create a detailed register from the information provided.

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Lesson Objectives: If provided by the teacher, once connected, students are presented with details of the current lesson, together with overall objectives & their expected learning outcomes.Chat & Message: Initiate teacher-to-student chat sessions & sover messages from the teacher device to one, selected, or all student devices.Request Help: Students can discreetly alert the teacher when they require assistance.Launch Websites: Remotely launch a selected website on student devices.Student Rewards: The teacher can assign ‘rewards’ khổng lồ students khổng lồ recognise good work or behaviour.File Transfer: The teacher can transfer files to lớn a selected student or multiple student devices in a single action.Lock/Blank Screen: Ensure student focus when presenting by locking or blanking the student screens.WiFi/Battery Indicators: View the current wireless battery strength status for each connected student tablet.Connecting to lớn Students: NetSupport School provides a quiông xã và easy method khổng lồ connect khổng lồ the required student devices. The teacher can create ‘rooms’ in advance and the student devices can be configured to a specific room. At the start of a lesson, the teacher simply indicates which of the pre-defined rooms they want khổng lồ connect lớn. ‘Roaming’ students also have sầu the option of connecting lớn a designated room.

The NetSupport School Tutor for Android is miễn phí to lớn try in your environment for 30 days and can then be used with existing NetSupport School licences. Alternatively, additional licences can be purchased from your NetSupport reseller.

* Screen capture feature supported on student tablets where the additional NetSupport School “Extended Features” utility is installed. Available for the majority of leading tablet manufacturers.

Clichồng here lớn learn more about NetSupport School’s Tutor for Android.

Available as a miễn phí tải về from iTunes, the latest version of the NetSupport School Student phầm mềm for iOS delivers improved performance and operability; iOS8 support; & support for another of the product’s key teaching best practice tools, Q&A module:

Question và Answer Module

Students using iPad’s can now participate in a teacher-led Question & Answer session. The feature encourages active sầu assessment of learning in the classroom, enabling teachers to lớn introduce new questioning styles to the lesson, such as ‘basketball’ questioning, reinforce key learning points & instantly gauge student understanding.

The teacher can quickly ask the class verbal questions; allow students to be selected based on speed of answer, as a team or at random; bounce questions to lớn multiple students; ask the class to peer assess a response; và score responses throughout the process.

In addition khổng lồ the version available khổng lồ download from iTunes, an Enterprise Version offering additional functionality can also be downloaded for evaluation within your own enterprise.

Additional features available in the NetSupport School Student for iOS (Enterprise Version)

Student ThumbnailsThumbnails of each student device allow the teacher khổng lồ monitor classroom activity in a single view. Zoom in on a selected student for an optimised high-definition thumbnail.

View Student ScreensFor more detailed monitoring, the teacher can discreetly view the screen (Watch Mode) of any selected student device.

Launch URLsThe teacher can remotely launch a selected website on one or multiple student devices.

Another benefit of the Enterprise Version is that it continually operates in the background on student devices, ensuring the teacher can still interact with iOS students (when using features such as Show Screen, Question và Answer Mode, Chat, Message, Class Surveys & Student Register) even when the ứng dụng isn’t open.

Clichồng here khổng lồ learn more about NetSupport School’s thiết bị di động apps & to tải về.

The Student app for Android now includes tư vấn for even more of NetSupport School’s key classroom management tools, with the addition of both the Question & Answer module and File Transfer:

Question and Answer Module

Students using Android tablets can now participate in a teacher-led Question và Answer session. The feature encourages active assessment of learning in the classroom, enabling teachers to introduce new questioning styles khổng lồ the lesson, such as ‘basketball’ questioning, reinforce key learning points và instantly gauge student understanding.

The teacher can quickly ask the class verbal questions; allow students to be selected based on speed of answer, as a team or at random; bounce questions to multiple students; ask the class lớn peer assess a response; và score responses throughout the process.

 File Transfer

Teachers can now transfer files to và from a selected student tablet or multiple devices in a single action. Students can access the files from a new ‘File Explorer’ window.

In addition, the following configuration và performance improvements have sầu been made:

Launch at Startup

The NetSupport School Student can now be configured khổng lồ launch automatically when the tablet is powered on.

Aulớn sign-in to lớn a fixed room

When devices are located in a fixed classroom, you can now configure the NetSupport School Student to lớn not only launch at startup but also automatically connect to the specified room.

You can password protect the configuration khổng lồ prsự kiện any changes being made.

NetSupport School’s enhanced performance when viewing a student device or showing the teacher screen to student devices means that information can be shared quickly và easily.