Navicát Premium Full Version Download is a multi-connections database administration software with the ability khổng lồ connect lớn MySquốc lộ, Squốc lộ Server, SQLite, Oracle and PostgreSquốc lộ databases simultaneously. By using this application, creating database administration to lớn multiple types of databases cannot be easier. Navicat Premium combines the functions of other features & tools on the latest MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, & PostgreSQL. For example, Stored Procedure, Event, Trigger, Function, View & many more.

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Navicat Premium Full enables its user lớn easily & quickly transfer data across multiple database systems. Even more, it can also transfer khổng lồ a plain text file with designated Squốc lộ format và encoding.

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Moreover, it also has a batch job scheduled lớn run any comm& at a specific time. Other features include Import/ Export Wizard, Query Builder, Report Builder, Data Synchronization, Backup, Job Scheduler. Features in Navicát Premium 15 are sophisticated enough to deliver professional tools & features, yet it still so easy to lớn learn for users who are new to database servers.

On this occasion, you can get a không tính phí Navicát Premium download links for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit. Then, to install & use this application for its max performance, you need to use the permanent patch program. Navicát Premium 15 MacOSX is also available for Mac users. Download Navimèo Premium Full Version for Windows và MacOSX.


Navicát Premium 15 Full Version Features

Data visualization tool enables to lớn transform data inlớn effective sầu visualizationsIdentify trends, patterns & outliers easilySimplify data analysis và mô tả your workspaces to lớn colleaguesBuild an interactive dashboard to lớn display a collection of your chartsCombine multiple views of data khổng lồ get richer insightCreate, edit và manage all database objectsSupport MySquốc lộ, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle and PostgreSQLAbility khổng lồ handle Stored Procedure, Event, Trigger, Function, ViewEnables you to easily & quickly transfer data across various database systemsBatch job for different kind of databases can also be scheduledImprovement on Import/ Export Wizard, Query Builder, Report Builder, SynchronizationEasy lớn learn for users who are new to lớn database serverShare data & real-time access (collaboration)Navimèo 15 tư vấn Windows 10 Redstone 32 Bit or 64 BitNavicát 15 tư vấn MacOSX Catalina, Mojave

How to Install Navicát Full Version Windows MacOSX

Download Navicat Premium 15 Full VersionInstall the program with cài đặt.exeDon’t run the software firstmở cửa the Patch tệp tin (run as administrator), then press the “Patch” buttonAfter success, open the application and proceed to lớn the registerUse Keygene khổng lồ generate serialThen copy paste the Request Code from the application lớn the patchClick generate again to lớn get the Activation CodeFor Navimèo Mac, please follow the instructions in the DMG fileGood luchồng brother!

Software Navicát Premium Download Gratis v15.0.4