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Fundy Designer Craông chồng Mac is an exciting Photo lớn Editor Software & professional album design & Wall art suite. Fundy Designer V7 For Mac includes all the tools khổng lồ create your album in addition lớn the new Album Builder v7, which has got completely new kiến thiết concept of your photo albums.With the use of Fundy Designer Full Crack Mac, you can kiến thiết custom image splits, canvas or metal print collages. You can revolutionize your album design workflow as well as kiến thiết lượt thích a professional.
You can perform professional watermarking as well as branding for the web và with a simple one cliông xã you can post it onkhổng lồ Facebook.

If you have ever tried to lớn create an album from an event that you have sầu photographed, you know the difficulties that can come along with the creation process. If you have sầu experience using Adobe InDesign, you are off to lớn a good start và most definitely have full control of your album. However, InDesign is a complex program that takes time khổng lồ learn và even more time lớn become timely & proficient with. A ways baông chồng while listening to lớn a podcast I heard about Fundy Designer. Fundy is an all-in-one design suite that can be used to lớn thiết kế, sell, proof, và print with ease. The application goes beyond album design và covers many aspects of your pholớn business, helping you focus on providing your clients with beautiful, timeless prints, along with a variety of other options lớn help your br& grow.

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After a few weeks of experimenting with the software, I had the chance lớn meet và talk lớn Fundy’s founder, Andrew Funderberg. Funderberg is a great guy & is truly trying to simplify the lives of photographers with his program. Fundy v6.5 is the version that is currently on the market. In this version, photographers have sầu the ability khổng lồ create custom albums, sales & proofing galleries, blog collages, & brvà images all while easily connecting you with the best labs in the industry. In mid-spring, Fundy will be releasing v7. When I sat down with Fundy himself, I had the chance lớn go through v7 and kiểm tra out some of the key upgrades that the program will have.
One of the coolest features that Fundy boasts is its drag & drop giải pháp công nghệ, where you can literally design & album by dragging and dropping images anywhere in your album that you please. With the release of v7, Fundy will have new, patented automatic kiến thiết công nghệ that creates an album based off the timestamp on your image, creating a beautiful album that"s accurate to lớn the timeline of the wedding or event you shot. After the album is created, you can go in & reposition, crop, or move your images in virtually any fashion that you please. Some other feature that v7 will have include a faster, more user friendly interface, a revamped design picker, & a professional image designer and organizer.
Fundy goes far beyond album design and is truly an all-in-one print sales machine. If you are looking khổng lồ consolidate your sales workflow and interested in focusing on selling prints to lớn your customers, I strongly suggest you kiểm tra out Fundy. You can view the video for a more in depth look at v7 or head over lớn their trang web and tải về a trial of v6.5. If you are a seasoned Fundy user, or have sầu experience with the program, feel miễn phí lớn let us know what you think in the comments section below.