Easeus partition master v15

EASEUS Partition Master 16.0 allows you khổng lồ easily manage partitions graphically & numerically và will not require you lớn restart your computer while resizing NTFS partitions. Not enough for you? How about straight out-of-the-box partition recovery solutions? This will allow you khổng lồ tìm kiếm for deleted or lost partitions in unallocated hard drive space và bring them baông chồng to life in Disk Clone Wizard.

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Even if you purchased a larger hard drive sầu, EASEUS Partition Master 16.0 Keygen will help you transfer all data from your current drive sầu to the newly purchased drive sầu and even boot from it. For more precise action, your current partition can also be copied to lớn a new drive using the Partition Copy Wizard. The only limitation of this smart ứng dụng is the kích thước of the hard drive (up khổng lồ 2TB) and the number of supported drives – which is 32.

With EaseUS Partition Master 16.0 Technician Edition/ WinPE Edition Crack, you can easily create and modify partitions with this disk partitioning software. The fast partition capability allows you lớn rekích thước your disk space in one clichồng without losing data. This tool is useful for all computer users – individuals, businesses, and service providers.

EaseUS Partition Master Full Version is a powerful software for changing partitions. It was developed for Windows XPhường., Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, và 10. You can create & modify partitions easily và quickly. You can safely create partitions on your hard drive sầu without losing data.

EaseUS Partition Master 16.0 Patch offers a fully functional partition manager that maximizes your hard drive sầu space. In this way, you can persize main & advanced partition functions. You can also reallocate space for better management of corporate data. In short, it simplifies disk management by providing feature-rich software. Disk partitions can be troublesome as they can lead to data loss và damage lớn Windows. Especially if you are not a computer expert, EaseUS Partition Master Full crachồng can be a disaster. However, this software guarantees safe & reliable disk partitioning. You can easily divide your hard drive into multiple partitions without losing data. This allows you to keep your data organized & accessible in the limited space on the hard drive. You can use it to create, modify, merge, delete, format, verify, and convert partitions. The lathử nghiệm version is functional và user-friendly, just lượt thích the previous version. It serves as the best partition manager. You may also like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro.

EaseUS Partition Master 16.0 Key Features:

Best Partition Manager Software

EaseUS Partition Master Technician handles all partitioning tasks efficiently without losing data. With just a few clicks khổng lồ repartition HDD, SSD, USB, USB drives, SD cards, memory cards, and other storage devices in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XPhường, and Windows Server năm 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003.

Resize / Move partition

Reset the partition on the PC or hệ thống to solve sầu the low disk problem and make full use of the hard disk capađô thị. Also, keep the data safe at the start.Extover PartitionExtend partition specifically system partition on C drive sầu khổng lồ a larger size khổng lồ solve sầu low disk issues và speed up your PC, máy tính, & VPS without restarting.

Format / Delete Partition

Perkhung thorough partition cleanup, partition formatting, or delete all sensitive sầu data on partitions to reallocate disk space with high efficiency.Merge / Unmerged partitionsMerge partitions inkhổng lồ large partitions or split partitions inlớn multiple partitions without data loss for better data storage solutions.

Disk or Partition Cloning Technician’s Toolkit

Change your system drive sầu from hard drive sầu khổng lồ SSD? Data and system transfer from SSD to new SSD? Make an exact copy of one partition or entire drive sầu khổng lồ another? Disk or Partition Clone Tool included in EaseUS Partition Master 16.0 License Key offers an efficient way to lớn easily clone hard drive to SSD, clone SSD lớn another or clone hard drive sầu to HDD / SSD, without reinstalling the system và configuration for upgrades & protection of hard drive sầu data.

EaseUS Migrate OS to SSD or HDD

EaseUS Partition Master 16.0 Activator helps users to lớn easily migrate OS khổng lồ SSD or HDD without reinstalling Windows system và configuration khổng lồ protect the Windows system from potential risks. Transfer the operating system from HDD to SSD or SSD to lớn HDD to lớn tăng cấp your system disk, leaving more disk space khổng lồ install a new system và make your Windows system run faster.

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Complete Hard Drive sầu Partitioning Software

EaseUS Partition Master 16.0 Serial Key combines disk partition tool, disk or partition copy utility with quick partition recovery wizard to lớn manage storage space on hard drives, external hard drives, SSDs, USBs, cards SD, memory cards, and other removable devices for stability, flexibility, & efficiency.

Partition Recovery

Quick recovery partition which is unexpectedly deleted in unallocated space even when the Windows system does not start.

Convert a Disk or Partition

Easily convert primary partition to logical disk, logical to primary disk, MBR includes MBR system disk to lớn GPT disk, GPT disk also includes GPT system disk to lớn MBR disk, dynamic disk to basic disk và even system to FAT files lớn NTFS without data loss.

Repair RAID-5 Volume

Quickly repair RAID-5 volumes khổng lồ keep all data secure và accessible for better Windows PC or Server performance.

4K SSD Tuning

Make sure all the partitions of the SSD are properly configured to lớn get perfect SSD performance và speed up your PC or hệ thống.

Cleaning & Optimization

Clean up junk files and large files that occupy a lot of disk space và optimize system disks to run PC / server faster.

Supports Comm& Line

Manage your disks or partitions directly via the input đầu vào comm&. Just configure a commvà line khổng lồ partition your hard drive.

Create a WinPE Boot Disk

EaseUS partition software easily creates a WinPE boot disk khổng lồ save the Windows system và reboot quickly in case of system failure.

Supports Windows Storage Space

EaseUS disk management software for Windows easily manages virtual disks created from miễn phí space in storage pools.

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What’s new in EaseUS Partition Master 16.0?

(Released on December 3, 2020)

Fixed bugs và Some Improvements.



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System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 101 GHz processor or higherRAM, 32-bit: 2 GB, 64-bit: 4 GBHard Disk: 4.0 GB1360 x 768 screen resolution with True Color

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