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Stronghold Crusader PC Game, published on 31st July 2002, is the successor to lớn Firefly Studios’ 2001 constant technique computer game Stronghold. Crusader has much in the same way as the first Stronghold, however, it varies from its ancestor in the way that the diversion is no longer phối in a pseudo-Europe, rather being mix in the Middle East amid the Crusades. The amusement includes a huge number of new Arabian units that can be obtained in another building, the hired fighter post. Despite the fact that the Arabian troops don’t require any weapons to deliver, they are somewhat costly. The amusement was likewise discharged as Stronghold Warchest. This game was a summary of Stronghold and an improved variant of Stronghold Crusader Game, containing extra characters và an extra Crusader Trail.

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Stronghold Warchest was just published in a predetermined number of nations (i. e. USA or Poland), which means players in whatever is left of the world have never experienced the second Crusader Trail or second arrangement of characters. This changed when a redesigned rendition of Stronghold Crusader, Stronghold: Crusader Extreme was discharged in mid-2008.


Stronghold Crusader Full Game includes a few constant system battle strings. These report the First, Second, and Third Crusade, và in addition clashes inside the individual Crusader states. Every crusade includes a few fights, for example, Nicaea, Heraclea, attaông chồng of Antioch, Krak des Chevaliers and the Siege of Jerusalem. The diversion additionally highlights the Crusader Trail, a progression of 50 connected missions against different adversaries. Fortification Warchest includes one more Crusader Trail, comprising of 30 connected missions.

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The gameplay is like the first Stronghold, the significant distinction being that the amusement is set in the Middle East. As a result, homesteads must be based on desert spring grass, which prompts khổng lồ contention amuốn players for constrained farml& and assets. The amusement includes new AI rivals (the number contingent upon the rendition of the diversion) & a few new Arabian units available from a soldier of fortune post. The shade of the player’s units has additionally been changed from blue khổng lồ red to coordinate the shades of the Knights Templar. Other than ranches there are different assets, for example, press mineral, quarry (for stone), and bogs (for oil). These assets are saved on the stockpile & the player can decide khổng lồ either offer or utilize them for barrier purposes. There are two approaches lớn gather armed force; either make the weapons and afterward spover somewhat gold to lớn transform laborers inlớn armed force men, or transkhung them straightforwardly into lớn warriors utilizing more gold by means of the soldier of fortune post.

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There are verifiable parts (for the most part fictionalized) that are khổng lồ be finished utilizing the assets given to lớn the player toward begin of the missions. Alongside that, there are 50 levels planned with expanding trouble. Every level has at least one Kings who you need khổng lồ crush và protect your kingdom from. There is a choice of 3 chickens toward begin of the diversion which the player can use to lớn skirt a specific màn chơi.

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Computer specification For Stronghold Crusader PC Game:

Windows XP/vista/7/8CPU: Intel core2 Duo 2GhzRam: 2GBVGA: NVIDIA /Geforce/AMD Radeon

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