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Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is one of the best & most complete speaking & writing tools for developing students’ skills in exams & communication in English. The software is one of the best-selling English language learners và teachers in the world & has been used by more than 100 million users so far due to its clear explanations and reliable examples.

Features và facilities of Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary:

Preparing students for Ban exams and oral presentationsDevelop a strategy for speaking EnglishWatch American, English and British movies, conversations and homework in exam styleParticipate in the conversationRecord and listen to sound lớn assess your speaking skillsStudy all verbs and root wordsView more than 570,000 synonyms và antonymsFind words with similar và opposite meaningsMake a danh mục of your favorite wordsThe show’s history has been translated to lớn see the last 100 wordsUse 3000 từ khóa khổng lồ learn important English wordsFind information about English và American cultureAccess to more than 95,000 additional sentences and examplesListen to lớn real English và American voices & pronounce examplesUse full dictionary search khổng lồ find words in phrases and example sentencesLearn words in your natural text with more than 83000 prominent word sets

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