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This guide will help you activate Corona Renderer using different methods. It also features a các mục of common problems & solutions.

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1. Installing & Activating Coromãng cầu Renderer on a Workstation

Locate your registered gmail address và password if you are using a FairSaaS license, or workstation serial number if you are using a Box license. All activation credentials were sent lớn the gmail address you provided when buying Coromãng cầu Renderer.Run 3ds Max, phối Coromãng cầu Renderer as your active sầu renderer, và hit render in any (even empty) scene.A window prompting for activation will pop up.Note: if you have previously activated the Demo, or another license, first go lớn Render settings > System > About Coromãng cầu Renderer/Licensing, và cliông xã the "Remove sầu license" button.Select the type of license you have purchased. Corona Renderer will try khổng lồ connect to lớn the Internet, and:If it can connect khổng lồ the activation server: will prompt for your registered tin nhắn address và password, or serial number. Just đầu vào them and that"s all.5. Corona Renderer is now activated. You can see the license status in the Render Setup > System > About Coromãng cầu Renderer / Licensing rollout.

Note: lớn de-activate your current license, go khổng lồ Render Setup > System > About Coromãng cầu Renderer / Licensing rollout and press the "Remove license" button. To activate the license again, use the above procedure. This is useful for example when changing license types (upgrading).

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2. Coromãng cầu Licensing Server

The easiest way to lớn activate Coromãng cầu Renderer on multiple computers over LAN is using our Coromãng cầu Licensing Server. It is especially useful for render farms.

3. Render Farms và Computers without 3ds Max GUI

If you need to lớn activate Coromãng cầu Renderer on a farm, or on a computer without access to 3ds Max GUI, please see the following article: 

Activating Coromãng cầu on renderfarms & computers without 3ds Max GUI

4. Environment variable activation

Starting with Coromãng cầu Renderer 6, it is possible to lớn activate the license using a Windows environment variable. This is intended mainly for specific cases where standard activation methods are not possible. Use this method only if you are sure it is required. Otherwise, it is recommended khổng lồ use the standard activation methods listed under point 1 of this guide. 


Variable values:


5. Troubleshooting:

I cannot locate my password / serial number

The VPS says "Too many activations"

The number of computers that can be activated is limited by the number of licenses you have purchased. Please especially note that Box licenses are not floating. If you suffered a hardware failure or need to re-host your Box license khổng lồ a different computer, please liên hệ us. You will also get this message if you try to activate Box license as FairSaaS.

How lớn activate Coromãng cầu Renderer on a render node

Generally, the installation và activation process is exactly the same on workstations và render nodes, so you can use the above "activating on a workstation" steps. If, for example, your render nodes do not have an internet connection, or they vị not have sầu 3ds Max installed with its UI enabled, please see the following guide:

Activating Corona on renderfarms và computers without 3ds Max GUI

I cannot access Internet from my machineMy license is not recognized after restarting 3ds Max The most probable cause is that you are using different user accounts, or just running applications under different accounts. The activation is per-user, so each user needs lớn activate the license separately. cảnh báo that activating the license for different users on a single computer does not count towards the activation limit.Activation is required each time I start 3ds MaxPlease see this short guide.

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My license expiration date is wrong!

The "Activated until" date printed in Render Setup > System > About Coromãng cầu Renderer / Licensing is NOT a date when Corona Renderer will stop working for you. 

It shows a future date, at which the license will be automatically extended, provided that the computer is connected to lớn the Internet or visible to the Coromãng cầu Renderer Licensing Server. Don"t worry if that period is shorter than expected - it will get automatically extended anyway. 

If you experience any other problems with the activation process, please tương tác us, & we will be happy to help you. 

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