2 ways to activate windows 10 for free without additional software

I have been using windows for over 2 years now, however, nothing is more annoying about windows than having an activate Windows watermark.

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This icon or text whatever you điện thoại tư vấn it occupies the bottom right of your windows PC & sometimes you’ll see an often popup window with “Activate Your Windows 10” message.

Nevertheless, this post is going khổng lồ show you how exactly you can activate windows 10 versions (windows pro, trang chủ, & others) for không tính phí.

This triông chồng will help you along removing the activate windows watermark on windows 10 and other versions .

Anyone can vị this, you don’t necessarily need to lớn be a computer geek or a technical person lớn vì these baby steps of activating windows 10 for free.

I call them baby steps because they are easy to lớn follow và they will help you activate windows for không tính tiền in no minutes.

However, to caution you, don’t ever download pirated windows online from torrent or even any third tiệc ngọt sites .

Pirated windows is slightly tampered with và may contain a lot of malware plus it’s vulnerable lớn security breaches which ain’t cool.

So i would recommover you tải về windows from Microsoft official page since it’s even available for không lấy phí.

Anyway lets talk about how you can activate your windows 10 PC .


1 Step by step guide on how to lớn activate windows 10 for free1.1 Method 1 : Activate windows 10 for không tính phí using KMSpico

Step by step guide on how khổng lồ activate windows 10 for free

These methods don’t require someone khổng lồ have sầu a windows 10 activation key before they can activate any windows versions.

I found using KMSpico the fasdemo & easiest way khổng lồ install and activate windows 10 PC without any activation code.

The same software can be used lớn activate Microsoft Office packages such as word, excel, & PowerPoint. This method is easy and less technical for any windows user.

However, if you’re also a bit technical you may find the next method absolutely easier while trying to lớn activate windows 10 PC for free.

Method 1 : Activate windows 10 for không tính tiền using KMSpico

In summary this how you can activate windows 10 PC for không tính tiền using KMSpico windows activator.

Download KMSpico windows activatorTurn off windows 10 defenderInstall Kmspico on windows 10 PCKMSpico will remove sầu windows activate watermark & activate windows error message that pops up.Restart your PCHere’s the step by step tutorial lớn craông chồng windows 10 PC using KMSpico

Now here, you need lớn follow the steps below with caution. You shouldn’t be caught off guard on some crucial steps.

Download KMSpiteo windows activator program from here.

You can head over khổng lồ the trang web above và tải về this software. The software comes in zip mode to avoid deletion by windows defender.

Turn off windows 10 defender

Before you can install this program, it’s important lớn turnoff windows 10 defender since it will quarantine this program as malware.

You can deactivate windows 10 defender by following some of these procedures:-

Clichồng “Settings” in the “Start Menu”. And then choose “Update và Security”.

Select “Windows Security” from the left pane & choose “Open Windows Defender Security Center”.

Open Windows Defender’s settings, và then click on the “Virus và Threat Protection settings” link

Clichồng the Real-Time Protection, Cloud-Delivered Protection và Automatic Sample Submission switches to turn Windows Defender off.

Install KMSpico

After turning off windows 10 defender, you can easily install kmspico and activate windows 10 PC for không lấy phí .

Important to lớn note:

If you don’t turn off windows 10 defender, your PC will automatically detect the KMSpiteo program as malware hence quarantining it.KMSpico does not only activate windows PC for free but also activate Microsoft office packages in just no minutes.

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Remove activate windows watermark.

The program installs with a display of blue window for a few minutes, once the installation is complete, you’ll no longer see any activate windows watermark on your PC.

How to activate windows 10 for miễn phí permanently

In this section, we shall see how you can activate windows 10 for không lấy phí permanently. We shall use commvà prompt to lớn achieve sầu this.

Method 2 : Activate windows for Free using CMD

Now, this technique is slightly technical but very easy to achieve if you follow the step by step procedures as required.

If you have tried out the first method and things didn’t turn out as fine as you anticipated, no worries, this method will show you how khổng lồ activate windows 10 with CMD

What you need ?

You’ll need the following lớn activate windows 10 with CMD technique :-

Notepad ++Batch tệp tin (Which I have sầu provided below )

Navigate to search và type Notepad and double cliông xã to xuất hiện it.

Copy & paste the code below in Notepad

I have sầu provided the code you’re required khổng lồ copy và paste in notepad. This will take you less than 10 seconds lớn vì chưng.

Download Source code

Save sầu the Notepad tệp tin as a .BAT life.

After clearly copying and pasting the above sầu code in notepad file, save the this file as .bat file.

You can bởi vì this from Save As section, select .bat tệp tin, or simply put tệp tin name then add the .bat extension at end of the name.

For example, i have saved mine is windows.bat you can also name yours anything you wish.

Run your .bat tệp tin as administrator

After saving your .bat tệp tin, you’ll now need lớn run it as an administrator in order to lớn activate windows on PC.

Remember that if you made an error above sầu, this tệp tin will hardly open up in command prompt, so you’ll have sầu to lớn go baông xã from start và figure out what is wrong.

And lastly make sure you run the batch tệp tin as an administrator.

Restart your PC.

You’ll need to lớn wait for around 5-10 seconds before the commvà prompts you lớn restart your computer in comm& prompt.

Simply type Y and press Enter Key .

Once you have sầu restarted your PC, you’ll no longer have sầu lớn see that annoying activate windows watermark on your computer.

So this how you can activate windows 10 without a key . Hope these steps were simplified khổng lồ their maximum.


There are a lot of things I hated about having windows 10 which is not activated, for example, you can’t customize your desktop, activate windows message that continuously pops up on the screen, & others.

However if you have followed the step of the above procedure by step, then you must have sầu removed activate windows watermark which totally sucks.

You don’t have lớn be a programmer or genius lớn crachồng windows 10 activation key, all you need is a few skills & the rest is history.

If you activated your windows 10 but you’re now receiving ” Your windows license will expire soon ” error message. This post has a solution for you.

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I would also recommend you download windows 10 from the official website page rather than pirated sites as such you won’t have sầu major problems while trying khổng lồ activate windows for free.

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