Bải biển dốc lết ferieboliger og hjem

Robot waiters, gravity-defying infinity pools & boiled eggs that craông xã open lớn reveal a Mickey Mouse-shaped yolk – this is what the future is made of.

For travellers who get excited imagining the world & its myriad advancements (fingers crossed) in 100 years’ time, travelling to lớn these futuristic và forward-thinking destinations is a guaranteed thrill.

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Go underground in Stockholm


Solna Centrum metro station, aka the 'Gates to Hell'

In most cities you’re probably more interested in what’s above sầu ground than underground but in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, the Tunnelbamãng cầu (T-bana) has been turned into a futuristic and otherworldly art exhibition. The walls are cave-lượt thích & covered in murals, engravings và mosaics and the floors are decorated with graphic patterns and bold colours. One of the most-photographed spots is the escalator entrance at Solna Centrum metro station, which has been nicknamed the ‘Gates lớn Hell’ thanks to lớn the burning red paint and lunar-looking ceiling inkhổng lồ which the escalators disappear. Hotel by Maude is a modern, highly rated accommodation just a 10-minute-walk from Solmãng cầu Centrum.

Be served dinner by a robot in Tokyo


For a dystopia on steroids, visit Tokyo's Robot Restaurants

Bullet trains, hands-free toilets, a Mickey Mouse-shaped boiled egg at Tokyo Disneyland & the genius thiết kế of Shibuya’s ‘scramble’ pedestrian crossing that’s been copied all over the world; Tokyo is a trailblazer in terms of futuristic technology. With talk of robots leading the future of the human race, places like Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant – where diners get khổng lồ watch robots fight moông xã battles with bikini-clad dancers và ninja fighters riding neon tanks – feel like a dystopian vision on steroids. Then of course there are the loud and chaotic arcades, the blazing neon signs and countless virtual reality experiences. Head lớn the Solamachi mall at the foot of the Tokyo Skytree Tower for some of the city’s most thrilling VR experiences, before scaling the building (the second tallest structure in the world) for unparalleled views of the city. Cheông chồng into lớn ONE
Tokyo, with a rooftop garden facing the Skytree Tower (only 500 metres away).

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The world’s largest rooftop infinity pool in Singapore


The record-breaking infinity pool at Marimãng cầu Bay Sands is a vision from the future

Resting on the edge of a palm tree-lined infinity pool, 55 storeys & 650 metres high, overlooking Singapore’s Marimãng cầu Bay and the skyscraper-studded skyline, feels both futuristic and surreal. At the Marina Bay Sands resort, three huge towers are topped with a flat structure that contains a 3-acre SkyPark with gardens và the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool. Singapore is also trang chính to lớn the Supertree Grove, a series of massive sầu tree-shaped structures that absorb heat, provide shade, collect rainwater & generate solar energy. Only khách sạn guests can use the infinity pool at Marimãng cầu Bay Sands, so make sure you don’t miss out & book yourself a room at this world-class hotel.

Futuristic architecture in Hong Kong


The original *Blade Runner* film was nearly filmed in futuristic Hong Kong

Ridley Scott, the director of dystopian, science fiction movie Blade Runner, once said that he wanted to lớn film the original in Hong Kong but couldn’t afford khổng lồ. Fast-paced, densely-populated and neon-lit, Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than any other thành phố on the planet, with lights reflected on Victoria Harbour and forest-covered mountains forming the backdrop. As well as being a global financial centre, Hong Kong is ahead of the curve in terms of công nghệ – with fingerprint scanners và smart ID cards that allow locals to zoom through customs. With neutral tones, artistic interior thiết kế and sublime views of the city, the mountains and the harbour, The Upper House is the most highly rated khách sạn in Hong Kong.

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Experience a ‘smart city’ in Songdo


Songbởi vì is a 'smart city' with computers built inkhổng lồ the buildings and streets

As recently as 2000, what is now Songvì was still just a marshy stretch of tidal flats southwest of Seoul, South Korea. Nowadays, it’s unrecognisable, with a ‘smart city’ having been built on 1500 acres of svà that was used khổng lồ fill in the wetlands. Expected to be fully completed by 2018, it’s already taking shape as a fascinating but slightly disconcertingly-perfect place. Household waste is sucked into efficient sorting pipes so there’s no need for leaving rubbish bins on the street or rubbish truông xã collections, 40% of the thành phố is devoted khổng lồ green space, computers are built into the buildings & streets và, apparently, micro-tracking bracelets will be offered khổng lồ help parents keep traông chồng of their children. Stay near Songbởi Central Park at the Polo Tourist Hotel, where traditional Korean design is incorporated inkhổng lồ a modern aesthetic.

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