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cFosSpeed 12.00 Crack is one of the great and very powerful applications on the top, optimizing & prioritizing your web connections khổng lồ be able khổng lồ get the best out of your subscription. cFosSpeed knows how to lớn show và count traffic, has full tư vấn for PPPoE drivers, there’s a self-tuning mode. Furthermore, the cFos Speed program offers the capability to lớn control the bond time and how big is the possible transfer for use. cFosSpeed also reduces network congestion by reducing the TCPhường window kích thước lớn keep carefully the sender never to lớn send too much data simultaneously. Furthermore, cFosSpeed has an integral firewall, which displays enough time spent filtering a packet and budgets online, a thiết đặt screen that allows you to choose other features for several special purposes. It a good tool for managing all type of website connections and easily solve sầu any problem.

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cFosSpeed can be an application made to accelerate the utilization of the website using the traffic management function. The tool allows the prioritization of programs, so the data packages of an example online flash games are preferred rather than slowed up by other processes. The real-time analysis displays the existing status of the info connections in a window in the low right corner of the screen. Furthermore, developers have sầu expanded the line capathành phố analysis process by interrogating the line speeds negotiated by gateways & routers. CFosSpeed Serial Keygen uses the specifications of the UPnPhường Forum (Internet Gateway Device) & the DSL Forum. Both these methods can increase the line calibration of the cFosSpeed driver for faster customization. The maker cFos, therefore, recommends activating the UPnP procedure in the router.

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The program minimizes the delay between data transfers, thus accelerating your web connection visibly. By optimizing your DSL settings, it can help you to truly have a more stable website connection. The cFosSpeed driver is a network driver for DSL modems và routers for accelerating the web using the Traffic Shaping công nghệ. This analyzes the info traffic in both directions and prioritizes the info packets so that uploads no more clog up the DSL liên kết & downloads vị not slow the other person down.

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cFosSpeed Craông chồng Full also gives you control of the priorities of the Web connection putting you in complete control over the value of simultaneously running processes. The primary goal of the application size is delivering the utmost possible tốc độ while keeping the ping to minimal values. The cFosSpeed program supports WiFi access point và everything connection types – DSL, di động (2G, 3G), WiFi, etc.


Noticeable when working with multiple online applications.Boosts internet performance.Amazing Top Features of This Program:CFosSpeed program & protocol prioritization, you can configure your applications in an excellent way và add new programs.It prevents one of the app’s programs from blocking just how (calls, chat, etc.)cFosSpeed; DSL, Cable, WLAN, CDMA2000, UMTS, WCDMA, Modem, ISDN, broadband điện thoại (2G / 3G).An in-depth explanation of cFosSpeed’s Traffic Shaping is available here.cFosSpeed keeps your ping times low and that means you can play tệp tin downloads online at exactly the same time.

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Language: EnglishFile Size: 4.7 MBManufacturer: cFosSystem: Windows 7/8 / 8.1/Xp/VistaNew Updates: Released New Version 11.10

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