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Providing you with a virtual learning environment, this interactive sầu tool can assist you in learning high-level math concepts.

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You can use Cabri II Plus to draw and manipulate all sorts of geometrical figures, from simple lines, circles or triangles khổng lồ complex 3D shapes.

The program allows you to lớn build the geometrical structure by automatically generating perpendicular or parallel lines, drawing angle bisectors or measure angles using the virtual compass.

The application can be used for solving symmetry, reflection & translation problems, rotate objects, measure areas, distances, lengths and angles và solve equations.

Furthermore, the program allows you lớn easily draw graphs for different functions, as well as display loci of points or objects.

In addition to lớn this, it can easily record a session as you use the program, a feature that comes in handy mostly for teachers.

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Offering a blkết thúc of precision and freeform NURBS drawing tools, it sports a chất lượng user interface.

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D. Cc. Powerful, accurate, yet easy to lớn use Moment of Inspirations sleek intuitive sầu UI blends a fluid easy workflow with powerful tools.

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MoI is a new 3D ModelingCAD application for designers và artists Moi 3d 2 0 crachồng.

Offering a blkết thúc of precision & freeform NURBS drawing tools, it sports a.

Powerful, accurate, yet easy to use Moment of Inspirations sleek intuitive sầu UI blends a fluid easy workflow with powerful tools.

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Design great products faster with free CAD collaboration, không lấy phí CAD models và access to the worlds largest community of mechanical engineers.

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